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  • Havighurst Development Stages

    Dec 27, 2011
    ¢Developmental tasks of infancy and early childhood (up to 6 years of age)
    ¢1. Learning to walk
    ¢2. Learning to take solid foods
    ¢3. Learning to talk
    4. Learning to control the elimination of body wastes
    5.Learning sex differences and sexual modesty
    ¢6. Forming concepts and learning language to describe social and physical reality
    ¢7. Preparing to read
    ¢8. Learning to distinguish right and wrong, and the beginning of conscience development


    B. Developmental tasks of middle childhood (ages 6-12 years)
    ¢1. Learning physical skills necessary for ordinary games
    ¢2. Building wholesome attitudes toward oneself as a growing organism
    ¢3. Learning to get along with peers
    4. Learning an appropriate masculine or feminine social role 
    ¢5. Developing fundamental skills in reading, writing, and calculating
    ¢6. Developing concepts necessary for everyday living
    ¢7. Developing morality, a conscience, and a set of values
    ¢8. Achieving personal independence
    9. Developing attitudes toward social groups and institutions
    to be continue,..

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